Our Core Values

The people at Vital Mechanical Service believes in simple values.  These values make our company culture.   We only hire people who demonstrate these traits: Integrity – We are honest, fair, [...]

Tactical Teams & Single Point of Contact

Vital’s unique approach to provide you with responsive and personalized service is our Tactical Teams.    Single Point of Contact Your Team Service Manager (TSM) – a master level Journeyman [...]

Information systems

Real Time Communication Vital’s custom software interface allows our technicians immediate, two-way digital communication with our database.  When on site, we access your itemized equipment [...]

Open Book Estimate

More Options Everything begins with our open book estimate. We compile an accurate equipment list providing an “apples to apples” comparison for the service you are currently receiving.  Using [...]

Due Diligence Report

Creating a Baseline With every new agreement, your technician performs a comprehensive inspection on every piece of maintained equipment, capturing accurate name plate information, documenting [...]

Service Report

Comprehensive A Service Report is categorized into three sections and emailed to you by your technician immediately following your scheduled maintenance visit. The first section is a summary of [...]

Capital Report

Two months prior to your budgeting cycle, we deliver to you Operational and Capital budgets for your mechanical assets.   Capital Assisting you in creating your Capital Budget, we apply our [...]

Evaluation Report

The Best Time to Make Improvements When you want insight whether to repair, replace, or retrofit equipment, we provide you with a 7 year Net Present Value (NPV) and Breakeven Analysis.  And when [...]

Guarantee & People

Our Guarantee We will always perform the maintenance in the agreed upon scheduled month or this maintenance will be at no cost to you.  Our system automatically sends you email reminders one [...]