Two months prior to your budgeting cycle, we deliver to you Operational and Capital budgets for your mechanical assets.  



Assisting you in creating your Capital Budget, we apply our expert knowledge of your system, incorporating four key elements:

  • The Life Cycle for the equipment
  • Surrounding operational environment
  • Usage profile of the equipment
  • Building Owners Management Association (BOMA) Life Expectancy standard which predicts the actual Life Expectancy of your equipment


When your equipment is within 3 years of its Life Expectancy, this is highlighted on your Capital Report, with Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) for replacement.




Assisting you in creating your Operational Budget, we integrate Life Cycle repair costs for the different types of your equipment, your relevant outstanding mechanical issues, and the equipment; operational environment; and usage profile.




Also included in this report are outstanding quoted repairs, itemized per equipment, broken down into three separate categories:


  • Category 1 is the summation of repairs recommended to be completed inside of the three months
  • Category 2 is a summation of repairs, or proactive Life Cycle replacements, recommended to be completed inside of the 12 months
  • Category 3 provides suggested options to increase the efficiency, or extend the Life Expectancy of your equipment




  • The right information when you need it most
  • Accurate information for forecasting your budgets
  • Everything you need to know on one easy to read document
  • Creates a partnership in which Vital is accountable for helping you maintain your mechanical budget