Vital Mechanical Service is a proud member of Synergy Solution Group, which is comprised of commercial HVAC contractors throughout the country who share a common goal to be the premium provider in their markets.


What it means for you:


  • Training – You get a better customer service experience because we make training and developing our employees a priority. Every year we send Vital team members to Synergy sessions like leadership training, dispatch forums, and sales summits so we can continue to be a great partner for you.


  • Innovation – You need a partner who embraces progress and keeps you ahead of your competition. We stay up-to-date with new technology through our network of peers at Synergy. 


  • Connection – Do you have a location outside of the Seattle market? We’re connected to nearly 50 independent contractors across the country who can provide the same level of service that we do for you locally.


  • Partnerships – Through our partnerships with industry manufacturers and suppliers we are afforded opportunities for additional technical training and purchasing discounts which together provide you additional value.