Vital’s unique approach to provide you with responsive and personalized service is our Tactical Teams.



We assemble a tactical team to service your property. A technical service advisor (TSA) who has both technical knowledge and business savvy to recommend mechanical solutions that meets your business goals. Your service coordinator and foreman work together to fulfill any solution you may need, as well as scheduling maintenance visits and repairs, coordinate resources, and respond to emergency situations.



When your assigned technician identifies an issue, they quote any repair up to $10,000 and email it to you and your TSA before they leave your property.  If the repair is larger than $10,000 or options need to be discussed, the TSA will coordinate with you.  If an option is to replace rather than repair equipment, or retrofit a system, your TSA shares their knowledge of your business needs with our inside project team to custom craft solutions.  Your TSA then coordinates all this information in the format you require, so you are able to compare solutions according to your needs.



  • Expert technician with extensive business insight, able to provide comprehensive solutions, integrating financial and technical aspects, for better resolutions
  • Single Point of Contact structure allows us to deliver superior, consistent service. Your TSA has complete understanding of your:
    • Business planning and budgets
    • Services you are receiving
    • Resources available in both companies
    • History of your properties
  • Communication systems that are built to support you and our Tactical Teams
  • Able to quickly provide accurate quotes and reports to make timely, informed decisions
  • TSA has complete authority to make any decision necessary to solve your problems so you’re never waiting around for answers and options
  • Tactical Teams that are small and focused on your needs, delivering personalized, responsive service, yet carry the ample resources and diverse knowledge of being a large company