We are able to deliver an exceptional set of solutions because we listened to you, and designed our business around your needs.  It changed our structure, roles and responsibilities, how we communicate, the data we collect, and the information we deliver.  


Tactical Teams & Single Point of Contact

  • Fast response and personalized service
  • One accountable person responsible for our relationship with you
  • Centralized knowledge about you, your business, and your properties

Information System

  • Accurate, up-to-date information on your equipment
  • Information to help identify trends
  • Relevant information at the right time

Open Book Estimate

  • Easily compare our cost with other service providers
  • Options to address your systems’ different needs
  • Quickly understand how level of service affects costs

Our Core Values

  • All of our business processes are aligned with our core values to assure you a consistent delivery every time in everyway
  • We use our core values to find people to serve you; it’s our core values that allow us act in your best interest, save you time and to anticipate your needs.
  • Great Service starts with great people who value the same belief.

Service Report

  • Quickly communicates what you need to know
  • Easy to archive records
  • The costing you need to make timely decisions

Capital Report

  • Manages unanticipated equipment repairs
  • Accurate forecast for Operating and Capital budgeting
  • Shared responsibility for meeting your budgets

Evaluation Report

  • Ideas to lower operational costs
  • Understand the financial impact of repair vs. replace decisions
  • Determine if a retrofit fits your property’s financial model

Guarantee & People

  • We do what we say, and we say what we do
  • We form and maintain great teams
  • We always listen to you

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